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  • Vina Meliana

The Importance of Financial Management for the Better Future

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Financial management is essential for your future because it allows you to track the history of incoming and outgoing funds. These financial arrangements are stable and capable of limiting unexpected expenses.

The advantage of financial management is that it can help manage your wealth. The amounts of income and expenses can then be calculated to determine your net income. In addition, financial management can calculate wealth long ago, so you don't need to be afraid of financial losses in the future because it has been managed from now.

Effective Way for Money Management

Managing your finances entails not only calculating but also devising an effective strategy. Here are 4 strategies for managing your finances.

Set Goals

You must have a financial goal that you want to achieve in the future. Make notes so you don't forget and to stay motivated to manage your money well.

Record Your Expenses

It all starts with small steps; you can keep track of your daily expenses and income. Recording a financial daily can be made simple with the help of websites and applications that speed up your work, such as Excel, My Finance, Money Manager, etc.

Prepare an Emergency Fund

Start preparing an emergency fund for unexpected expenses. You can use the emergency fund for 10% of your income. Setting aside an emergency fund will allow you to prepare your finances for the future.

Separate Personal Needs From Investment and Insurance

You must also allocate funds for investments and insurance, as these are important considerations for your future. Make sure you are committed to making investment and insurance payments because they have a good impact on it.

Future Preparation with Investment and Insurance

Apart from implementing strategies to manage finances, you also need other assistance that can become a safe zone for your finances. If you want to be rich, you need to expand your money into more useful things such as insurance and investments that people often hold on to for the future.


There is one well-known investor, Warren Buffet, who is the richest investor in the world. Of course, almost all of Warren Buffet's wealth comes from the investments he has been involved in. In fact, he started investing when he was 11 years old, and without realizing it, he was able to make his name as the richest investor in the world.

According to Warren Buffet's story, you can increase your wealth through investment. Put shares in companies you trust by setting aside 20-30% of your income and try to monitor your stock movements. If the stock continues to fall, you can cut losses because your money will be spent on outlay.


There are many current insurance options such as education, health, or accidents which can be your safe zone in the future. By becoming an insurance customer, you are entrusting yourself to the insurance company because they will take care of everything. Make sure you also don't forget to set aside expenses for the insurance company every month. With that it can help to become a handle in the future later.

There are many ways to achieve wealth, of course, it all has to start with proper financial management because when everything is recorded and calculated it will make all plans neatly arranged.

Not only managing finances that make you rich but the important role of investment and insurance. So make sure you have to set aside money for these two things so you don't need to be confused about finances in the future and you can even get rich by implementing proper financial management.

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