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The Do's and Don'ts of Using the "Buy Now Pay Later" Option in E-Commerce Apps

There are many e-commerce sites that provide the "Buy Now, Pay Later" feature, which makes it easier for users to transact without having to pay at the same time. This feature makes it easier for customers who want to make transactions, if they don't have money at that time.

Indeed, this feature is not something new, as credit cards have long provided a "Buy Now, Pay Later" feature by allowing customers to purchase the desired item with a payment that can be paid in installments, and this feature is now widely used by many Indonesian e-commerce companies.

Pros and Cons

Among the many "Buy Now, Pay Later" features available in Indonesian commerce, this one has pros and cons. Not all applications have a positive impact, and there are some disadvantages.

Cons of Using "Buy Now, Pay Later"

One of the cons that you get from the "Buy Now, Pay Later" feature is that it can make users depend on it. Users can continue to use it over, which makes it difficult for them to pay for it directly. The "Buy Now, Pay Later" system, in particular, is a debt to the chosen e-commerce; it will make its users feel pampered with this feature.

Pros of Using "Buy Now, Pay Later"

This feature provides the convenience and flexibility it offers because it makes it easier for users to get the goods or services they want with this feature. Apart from that, it also creates benefits for e-commerce itself because they can increase sales from the feature.

Strategy Using the "Buy Now, Pay Later" feature

When using the "Buy Now, Pay Later" feature, you don't only need to know the pros and cons but you also have to plan the right strategy to use this because that can be detrimental to yourself if not done with the right strategy.

Setting up Automatic Payments

Making automatic payment settings often appears in this feature option because it makes it easier for users to pay bills automatically. Make sure you prepare a monthly balance to pay your grocery bill so that the system will automatically withdraw your money.

Paying off Balances on Time

Many e-commerce sites impose late payment penalties on their customers. So there will be more balance that must be paid if the user is late in paying. To avoid this risk, make sure to pay off your balance on time.

Understanding the Terms and Conditions

Before using “Buy Now, Pay Later” make sure to read and understand the e-commerce terms and conditions. From that, you can find out the rules and also the recommended dos and don'ts of e-commerce.

This feature still has its pros and cons, but the presence of this payment method is proof that technology has developed, and many e-commerce companies have thought that the needs and desires of customers to shop are still very high, and not all of them can shop safely from the money they have.

So, Make sure that before submitting a “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment, you already understand the rules that apply and know the dos and don'ts of this feature so that there are no risks that are felt after using this feature.

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