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  • Gabriela Nainggolan

The Beauty Industry in the Eyes of a VC

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

As many industries have been showing significant growth these last couple of years, the beauty industry is no exception. VCs have been seeing the beauty industry as an interesting vertical for sales, marketing, and logistics. For William Auwines, aside from a unique marketing and brand strategy, there are two additional reasons why the beauty industry has been catching the eyes of many VCs.

The first being the ever growing presence of e-commerce. These marketplaces allow beauty companies to reach a wider market while at the same time aid customers in their purchasing journey and encourage constant repurchasing. They also inevitably also boost the other parts of the supply chain such as sales, marketing, and logistics.

The second reason is the tendency for VCs to ignore more tranditional business models such as fashion and retail, and instead opt to invest in tech-enabled companies with exponential growth. This level of growth could be achieved by keeping costs low, reaching a wider market through digital marketing, and logistic efficiencies.

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