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How to Build Connections and Grow Business Networking

Updated: Feb 3

Business networking is required to gain experience and relationships in the business as well as gain new insights from established networking. Unknowingly, in Indonesia, there are already many businesses that implement networking systems. One of the networking businesses that has been around for a long time is Oriflame. This Indonesian cosmetic brand has been implementing a networking system for a long time with a system of buying and selling products that are mutually beneficial between members and sellers.

The tip for success in business networking is to take advantage of your connections because connections will make you mutually beneficial if the collaboration goes according to plan. So make sure you have a plan before doing business networking so that there is no negligence when doing it.

Strategies for Networking Effectively

Building business networking is not an easy thing because you need a strategy to be successful in getting a network in business. Here are 5 tips for successful business networking.

Set Specific and Measurable Business Objectives

The first step that must be taken is to set measurable business goals. A measurable business allows the company to develop and run in accordance with the existing plan, and it can make it easier to find networking because your business is deemed worthy of receiving business networking.

Join a Business-Oriented Community

Choose a community-oriented business that is a gathering place for competent people in business. With it, you can find a network that is suitable for your company and can also exchange information about the business.

Select an Appropriate Business Partner

Choosing the right people can also affect business growth because they will provide solutions or material about business. So, before you ask them to join your network, make sure they are capable individuals with business experience.

Share Your Experiences With Others

When meeting with networking partners, you can exchange experiences with each other. Through the exchange of information, both can learn from each other and understand business. Your networking partner provides material that you do not know, and you can also provide material that is known.

Expand the Network to Other Sectors

You can build new networks outside of your current industry. Expand networking to other sectors, so that you can add new insights from others. The more networks you connect with, the more insight you will gain.

Tips for Maintaining and Strengthening Your Business Relationships

Maintaining relationships with business networks is important, so that collaboration can run smoothly. Make sure you use these tips for successfully maintaining and strengthening business relationships.

Be Honest

Being honest can make a relationship last a long time. Even when someone is being honest, there will be hurt feelings, but being honest will reveal your true desires.

Think of Goals Together

You and the network must also have goals together. So make sure to decide what you want to achieve together. If there are differences in goals, then they can be negotiated together to find a solution.

Maintain Good Communication

Good communication is one reason to maintain a good business relationship. Make sure you and your partner can always communicate about business and respect each other's decisions.

Building networks is not easy because you have to find the right and competent business partner. So,let's collaborate with Kolibra Capital to grow your business and a selected mentor can be your networking to collaborate to achieve goals together.

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