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Be Healthy with Healthy Food Startup!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Be Healthy with Healthy Food Startup!

Nowadays, people are starting to realize the importance of maintaining a healthy life to avoid deathly diseases, both from non-communicable diseases such as stroke to infectious diseases such as COVID-19. In order to achieve it, a healthy lifestyle is also something that must be applied every day, one of which is through the consumption of healthy foods, a diet that improves, maintains, or enhances overall health.

With the increasing consumption of healthy food, there are many businesses and industries that make healthy food products in the healthy food industry sector. What is the situation of the healthy food industry and its developments and prospects in the future? Read more in this article.

Why Healthy Food Startups?

It is not without reason that many businesses and companies choose to make healthy food products. The reason? Healthy food products are experiencing an increasing trend in society in recent years.

One of the main factors of the upward trend in healthy foods products is the COVID-19 pandemic. The presence of the pandemic has made many people believe that healthy food will significantly improve their health. With healthy food, their immunity is believed to be better in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and other diseases.

Not only because of the pandemic, the trend of increasing healthy food in the community is also supported by consumer and community attitude. A Euromonitor report in 2020 showed that half of healthy food consumers in Southeast Asia said they would be much healthier in the next five years. Attention to the environment aspect of food and the desire to look for food with a better taste also encourage an increase in interest in healthy foods.

What is the Current Trend of Healthy Food Startups?

The increasing consumption of healthy food is evident in Indonesia. A report by Food Industry Asia in 2020 found that 99% of Indonesian consumers are looking to improve their diet. The intention of improving the diet is realized by buying healthy food, notably due to COVID-19 pandemic. As found by Kantar survey, 90% of Indonesians choose to try healthy food during the pandemic. At the same time, Grab reported a 32% increase in online ordering for healthy food. Similar to Grab, Tokopedia reported a six-fold increase in healthy food sales on its platform during the first quarter of 2021.

The same phenomenon also happened in Asia-Pacific. In 2019, the Asia Pacific Food Industry reported that there is a 15% annual increase in the demand for organic foods in the Asia-Pacific region. The plant-based food and beverages (F&B) market is also estimated to grow at 15.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2019-2024. Overall increase in plant-based F&B market growth is not unusual since food spending in Asia in 2030 is predicted to be $8 Trillion, up from $4 Trillion in 2019.

Have a Health Startup? Send your Pitch Deck to Kolibra Capital!

The increasing trend of healthy food startups became an entry point for many people to explore the healthy food business. Are you one of the many parties who are getting into the healthy food business and want to accelerate further? Send us your portfolio!

Be healthy, be developed with Kolibra!

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