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Guidance For Startups/VCs From VCs Around The Globe During COVID-19

In light of the global pandemic, there is no doubt that all companies, entrepreneurs and investors will be profoundly impacted. The effects of COVID-19 were very abrupt and left many unprepared, as local commerce shut doors overnight, and corporations migrated operations online. Many major industries have also been heavily affected (such as travel, healthcare, leisure). Through sustained periods of dislocation and ever-changing behaviors, what could startups do to weather the storm?

Startups and founders would have to brace for a tighter capital environment this upcoming year, by navigating with a conservative burn rate and optimizing their valuations. Profitability will now be the main objective, as it will ultimately determine survivability. Understand that the pandemic will impact different industries differently and adjust accordingly. In an anxious time, being able to deal with uncertainty and unpredictability is the strongest test of character.

We here at Kolibra Capital wish everyone the very best during these challenging times

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