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Fintech p2p Lending Is Very Popular in Indonesia, Which One Is the Best?

Advances in technology can simplify many things because everything can be do quickly and easily. Technology can also have a positive impact on the digital transaction process because it makes it easier to make transactions online. Especially in lending and borrowing transactions, which usually between lenders and borrowers have to meet each other, but with P2p fintech lending, everything makes transactions easier.

What is Fintech Lending?

Fintech lending is also referred to as Information Technology-Based Lending and Lending Services (LPMUBTI). All fintech lending must be registered with OJK, so that the fintech licenses are official. If it has been stated in the regulations, the fintech owner must register it within a maximum of one year after being registered.

The popularity of fintech is also what makes the current growth of fintech even greater because it can gain market share. According to KataData, an OJK (Financial Services Authority) report said that fintech peer-to-peer (p2p) has managed to grow over the last five years and was able to raise Rp. 40.17 trillion in funds, which was higher than the previous 5 years.

Fintech Lending p2p Is Easy to Use

The easy and concise process makes everyone can to use this Fintech P2p lending. The first thing should be do is, fill out personal documents which will later serve as a handle for the loan recipient. After that, the lender will process the personal data because there are many considerations that they must know regarding the background of the loan recipient. If the loan recipient is allowed to borrow money, they can receive the money from the fintech lending application.

Best p2p lending Indonesia

In Indonesian, there are many p2p lending companies, but not all fintech lending can gain popularity because everyone has their own interests and all of them suit their needs. Here are 6 best fintech lending in Indonesia which are popular and frequently used.

  1. Investree has been around for 5 years as a pioneer of p2p services in Indonesia. Not only providing loans, but investree is here to offer business solutions for SMEs through the products they lend.

  2. KoinWorks p2p lending service that provides loans to business actors. Already registered with the OJK, there is no need to doubt the security of this application. Koinworks also can connect borrowers with loan recipients easily.

  3. Amartha is a microfinance marketplace and has been officially registered with the OJK. Fintech lending amartha. Amartha users can start funding from IDR 100,000 and can get returns of up to 15% flat per year.

  4. Danamas is a brand of the company PT. Komunindo Arga Digital provides funding to productive businesses, especially for micro businesses that want to increase their business.

  5. Modalku has managed to get more than 50,000 with total funding of more than 100,000. Users can start getting loans from 100,000 with an interest of 17% per year.

  6. TaniFund is a p2p lending for the agricultural sector that focuses on agricultural cultivation, fisheries, and animal husbandry to the MSME food sector. The mission of Tanifund is to advance local agriculture by providing loans to farmers and MSMEs who wish to advance agricultural businesses.

Many p2p fintech lending companies are currently trusted and officially registered, making it easier for lenders to obtain additional funds. However, you will also require investors to fund your business to grow up. Join Kolibra Capital now, to participate in a win-win ecosystem for startups and investors.

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