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The Emergence of EdTech Startup

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

The Emergence of EdTech Startup

In the modern era, innovation has emerged in the realm of education: EdTech. The invention creates new opportunities for students and teachers to develop their knowledge and abilities. Undoubtedly, various educational institutions have flocked to adopt EdTech as part of their education system.

The increase in the use of EdTech is also a great business opportunity for many entrepreneurs. By providing qualified EdTech services, entrepreneurs can generate significant and sustainable profits. Because of this, it is not surprising that EdTech startups are popping up everywhere.

What is EdTech?

In general, EdTech is adopting information technology into school learning spaces. With EdTech, the learning system will adopt technological features in the digital world, such as video conferencing, automation, cloud computing, the internet of things, and many more.

The adoption of EdTech is carried out to accommodate the rapid development of communication technology among students and teachers, such as the spread of smartphones. In addition, the adoption of EdTech is also carried out to answer criticism of conventional education, which is considered too burdensome for students. The adoption of EdTech was also accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which increased the importance of distance learning.

EdTech implementations could be easily spotted around us. If a student wants to learn a particular subject, they just need to open the web containing these subject’s learning videos. If a group of students wants to work on a group assignment, they need to open the files stored in the cloud to work on together. If a teacher wants to take an exam, he needs to take it in a system that automatically assesses their students' work.

What are the Advantages of EdTech?

For Student

With EdTech, students can access classroom learning with greater flexibility and mobility. As long as the student has internet access, he can open the learning files whenever and wherever. In addition, students will also be able to repeat learning by accessing the same material without worrying about being missed.

Cloud computing in EdTech also makes it easier and more accessible for students to do assignments given together with their peers without being bound by time and space. With EdTech, group assignments can be worked on by each group even though the location of the members is far apart, thus providing ease of working on projects for students.

Most importantly, with EdTech, each student can adjust the learning time and material with their abilities without being hit flat. With materials inside applications and cloud folders, students can determine for themselves when they will study and what materials they want to learn. Thus, students' learning potential can be maximized.

For Teacher

The presence of EdTech also helps teachers. With the company of EdTech, the assessment system for students will be automated. Thus, educators will be able to evaluate and assess their students' work quickly and accurately, lowering the chances of misjudgments that often occur in conventional assessments.

EdTech also makes it easier for the teacher to manage classes and students. Providing online courses will make it easy for teachers to communicate with their students. In addition, supervision of student activities will also be carried out better and comprehensively.

Later, with the presence of EdTech, the instruments used by teachers in teaching will also be centralized. EdTech concentrates on teaching on internet-connected laptops or smartphones so that teachers do not have to use papers like in conventional education. Thus, teachers can say goodbye to paper-based learning that is tiring and not environmentally friendly.

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