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  • Vina Meliana

Business Collaboration Strategy To Achieve Common Goals

Business collaboration is an agreement between individuals and business groups to work together to achieve goals. Currently, there have been many successful business collaborations in Indonesia, one of which is Indomaret's collaboration with various banks. Unknowingly, the biggest supermarket brand in Indonesia is collaborating with various banks so that Indomaret payments can go through all banks in Indonesia.

This strategy is indeed considered to have a high-profit value because it brings together several businesses with the same goal. The advantage is that you can learn from each other, so each company can learn from its partners in ways that it is unaware of. In addition, by doing collaborative business, we can increase the profit from the audience drawn from our business partners.

Business Collaboration Ideas, That You Can Implement

Currently, there are many types of collaborative businesses that you can choose from to develop an interesting idea. You should not pass up this opportunity because business collaboration can be beneficial.

  • Creating an event is the right decision, for those of you who don't want to work together in the long term. Especially for events that are not permanent, business collaboration can be carried out as much as possible while the event is taking place.

  • Launching a product is one of the most frequently conducted business collaborations today. One of the most popular ones in Indonesia is business collaboration between Chitato and Indomie, which creates Indomie Chitato products. The results of this collaboration made the two brands even more popular.

  • Collaboration creates content together, it also creates business collaboration because we can promote each other through content. There is a lot of content that can increase branding such as advertisements, podcasts, YouTube, etc.

  • Collaboration with influencers is an example of a collaborative business where you don't have to work with fellow business partners. Collaborating with influencers is one of the most profitable marketing strategies. Influencers will profit from business collaboration, and businesses will profit from the influencers' audience that purchases the product.

Business Collaboration Tools

There's no reason to be hesitant about doing business together, especially if scheduling meetings is difficult. There are many tools available. that can help you with business collaboration. Here are tools that can help you run a collaborative business:

  • Video Conferencing Tools is a tool that helps to communicate anywhere and anytime. You can have conversations with your business partners through this video conferencing tool, especially for long-distance people who find it difficult to communicate in real-time.

  • Real-time Documents are tools that speed things up. You can make document changes in real time, which makes work go faster.

  • Cloud Storage can help collaborative businesses run smoothly. Of course, when doing a business collaboration, there are numerous files that must be stored, necessitating the use of large storage.

Want To Build a Business and Collaborate With Us?

Make sure you have a business partner who is in charge of running a business with whom you can collaborate to achieve common goals. There is no longer any need to be afraid of doing business collaboration because Kolibra Capital is already open for business collaboration with those of you who want to build your business. We are prepared to assist in the management of portfolio companies as venture capitalists.

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