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JUN 13, 2022

During its WWDC keynote, Apple announced a bevy of changes and updates to its hardware and software. In the mix were anticipated improvements to its various operating systems and computers — and plans to expand its fintech footprint.

GoTo Group adopts Gojek’s sustainability initiative (1).png
JUN 6, 2022

Indonesian tech firm GoTo Group has expanded its “Three Zero” commitments across the company’s entire ecosystem, including Tokopedia and GoTo Financial. 


As part of its first focus, “Zero Emissions,” GoTo Group looks to convert 100% of its fleet to electric vehicles and achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

[DECEMBER] Statistics - Hari Raya - Article Post.png
DEC 9, 2021

With many companies that offer investing with small account size, do you think HSBC will pose a threat in the competition?

Statistics - Hari Raya - Article Post (2).png
DEC 2, 2021

Jokowi is launching the Merah Putih Fund, targeting startups and unicorns from Indonesia. State-owned companies will be directed to help with this new funding.

Telkom Group, Bank Mandiri, and Bank BRI seem to be the initial investors of the fund, which was also backed by other big SOEs.

NOV 25, 2021

Rapidly changing hazards in wildfires disaster requires fire agencies to make a lot of quick decisions in conditions of uncertainty. Pano, a tech startup focusing on AI technology, claimed that they can help fire agencies to reduce the hours someone spends fighting a fire, and then in the off season, help them control future fires with planning.


How are they doing it? This article is interesting to read and analyze how tech startup can help in disaster management. 

Statistics - Hari Raya - Article Post (1).png
NOV 18, 2021

In order to increase innovation and adoption, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) made changes to the fintech sandbox framework. This upgrade is also known as Sandbox Plus. Three points were changed, namely, expanding eligibility criteria, simplifying grant applications, and participating in Deal Fridays, a program that gives companies access to networking, mentoring, and funding through the external investor community.

Statistics - Hari Raya - Article Post.png
NOV 12, 2021

According to some experts, Malaysian companies are exploring markets that provide more possibilities, more diverse types of funding, and high-quality talent. Carsome, which is a Malaysia-based-used-car marketplace became Malaysia’s first tech startup unicorn since Grab. 


Kolibra is proud to have supported the growth of Carsome.

Image by Ameer Basheer
NOV 4, 2021

Vegas is thinking to innovate more and be a leader in smart city technology. For the last 5 years, the smart city program has draws from tech providers like NTT Data, Cisco, Ubicquia, and Baicells. 

Image by Kumpan Electric
OCT 28, 2021

Lithium is the key to the production of EV batteries, and apparently it could face a shortage by 2023. A startup, Lilac Solutions, claimed that they are able to extract lithium faster in a more efficient manner. This became very important as Lithium is also made for batteries in smartphones, computers, and electric vehicles.

Image by Jason Miraples
OCT 21, 2021

The prime minister Lee Hsien Loong brought to the public’s attention on the issue of labor rights and insurance coverage for gig workers. The main concern is delivery workers are often labeled as independent contractors rather than employees.


While it’s still to early to conclude what this nudge will bring to Singapore’s delivery platforms, it is safe to say that giving the gig workers full employee rights could have a sizeable impact on the platform’s bottom lines.

OCT 14, 2021

Global funding for semiconductor startups hit record highs of $3.7 billion last month, surpassing 2020’s full-year total. These cannot be separated from worldwide chip shortage that has been plaguing companies big and small since early 2020.


And as tech companies and automakers wait 20 weeks for chip deliveries, experts are predicting the shortage could last until 2023 or longer.

OCT 21, 2021

Following the merger between Gojek and Tokopedia in May, Indonesia’s top payment players have endured some serious twists and turns. Now, a new regulation from Bank Indonesia presents another hurdle for these fin-tech firms.

The rules, which took effect in July, cap foreign shareholder control in “front-end” payment businesses to only 49%. These were aimed to protect and empower domestic companies to boost the local economy.

SEPT 30, 2021

A global energy crisis is looming. Therefore, a four-year-old startup from Canada, Eavor Technologies believes its Eavor-Loop system is the answer to energy shortages.

Using geothermal as a source of energy, Eavor-Loop works by laying down a series of pipes several kilometers below the surface to form a loop to pick up heat from the Earth’s core. With small countries such as Singapore where there isn’t enough space, this system might be an effective solution.

Receiving a parcel
SEPT 23, 2021

An estimated 70 million more people shopped online in six Southeast Asian countries since the pandemic began, according to a report from Facebook and Bain & Company.

With more purchases being made online, fintech services such as “buy now, pay later,” digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies have also become more widespread.

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